Renatus Cartesius
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Born 1984 in Freising, Germany, Renatus Cartesius made his first steps into music by learning the accordion and winning some local contests in Bavaria. Later, he started to play the e-guitar and the piano and managed to compose his first pieces on both instruments. The songs of his first band, Endless Silence, already showed his talent for composing good, audible melodies and playing with tunes, rythms and styles.

His style of work differs from release to release. While Nemesis is fully improvised, L'invention des rêves is a entirely composed concept album and Expect the UnExpected is primary digitally produced.

His influences are very diverse. His Idols are J.S. Bach and Dave Brubeck, but also all kinds of music, that don't fit into the label of "Classical Music" or Jazz, influenced him.


Renatus Cartesius lives in Nürnberg, Germany.


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