Renatus Cartesius
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"Le voyaga à la lune" as part of the Spacenight, aired on BR/ARDalpha


Several professional recordings for Akkorden Orchester Roßtal


Several professional video and audio recordings for Martin Staeffler







Concerts (excerpt)


with Phosphor:



In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. I Backstage/München (with Pyogenesis and Evertale)

In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. II Glocksee/Hannover (with Pyogenesis)

In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. III Bastard Club/Osnabrück (with Pyogenesis)

In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. IV Glad House/Cottbus (with Pyogenesis)

In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. V AJZ Talschock/Chemnitz (with Pyogenesis)

In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. VI Vortex/Siegen (with Pyogenesis)

In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. VII Helvete/Oberhausen (with Pyogenesis and Majesty)

In The Dead Of Winter Tour Pt. VIII Club From Hell/Erfurt (with Pyogenesis)

DPO Shop Abschieds Party Degree Club/Köln



Hard Summer Festival Falkenfels (with tuXedoo, Deja Vu, Visions of Atlantis a.o.

Dark Nights Der Cult/Nürnberg (with Promt!)

with Eluveitie as local tour support Airport Obertraubling/Regensburg



Rock im Groitlstodl Willmering (with Volboat, Thunderbolt a.o.

MC Rough Riders Anniversary Bonn (with Adligate)



as Renatus Cartesius:



Renatus Cartesuis and Pannón Melankólikusok Brechts Augsburg



Lection with Dirk Bernemann and Renatus Cartesius Brechts Augsburg



with Under That Spell:



Barther Metal Open Air Freilichtbühne Barth (with Taake, Entrails, Nachtmystium a.o.)

Ragnnarök Festival Stadthalle Lichtenfels (with Carpathian Forest, Vreid, Shining a.o.)



Rock for Roots Freilichbühne Nauen (with Adorned Brood, Warhammer a.o.)



Kings of Black Metal Alsfeld Stadthalle (with Watain, Taake, Inquisition, Endstille a.o.)



Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest Hof23 Berlin (with Desaster, Postmortem, Warhammer a.o.)

Wolfszeit Festival Crispendorf (with Marduk, Shining, Varg, Ragnarok, Arkona, Negator a.o.)

PartySan Metal Open Air Bad Berka (with Asphyx,Sarke, Aura Noir, Cannibal Corpse, Watain a.o.)



with The Admiriade



III. Schwarzton Festival - Nürnberg Z-Bau Galerie (with Seelenzorn, Beyond the Void, The Slimp a.o.)



Rock Cafe Prague (with Crüxshadows)



with Endless Silence



I. Schwarzton Festival Nürnberg Z-Bau Roter Salon (with Damaged Mind, The Admiriade a.o.)





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